Influence Live Patient Interactions at the Point of Care

Clint’s patented platform delivers evidence-based patient-therapy matching at the point of care based on each patient’s true clinical state… in the same way a physician does

Clint Clinical Intelligence Platform

Clinical Logic

Clint encodes the logic and nuance of expert clinicians and analyzes the complex medical information in the EHR to determine the true clinical state of each patient 

Clinical Concept Mapping

Clint applies the most recent medical guidelines or custom protocols to automatically generate care gaps and the recommended  therapy or test for each patient 

Patient-Therapy Matching

Life Sciences companies increase evidence-based therapy adoption and revenue by ensuring branded therapies are offered to physicians of eligible patients

Influence At The Point Of Care

Clinicians and care teams review and accept Clint’s actionable therapy recommendations during the live interaction with the patient


Clinical Logic

Only Clint delivers the complete, synthesized medical data needed to determine the health status of an individual patient — or the total available patient population — and identify care gaps.

  • Collects records from EHR systems to deliver the most comprehensive set of characteristics for all patients
  • Continuously updates care guidelines to integrate the gold standard of care into health assessments
  • Applies the same clinical logic that physicians use to compare care standards with each patient’s health status


Clinical Concept Mapping

Using its unique clinical logic capabilities, Clint creates a Clinical Concept Map for each patient to assess their present health status.

Only Clint can identify:

  • What conditions each patient has
  • Why they have it
  • How well they have been treated
  • How they should be treated moving forward


Patient-Therapy Matching

Clint enables commercial teams to analyze patient populations and develop marketing programs to ensure evidence-based therapies are recommended at the point of care.

  • Commercial teams initiate programs using Clint’s analysis of sites, patient populations, and physicians
  • Healthcare teams review care gaps and consider guideline recommendations based on each patient’s true clinical state
  • Commercial teams monitor prescribing behavior and opportunities for adoption at the clinician, health system, and population level
  • As patients fill their prescriptions, Clint tracks adherence and the impact on health outcomes


Influence At The Point Of Care

  • Healthcare providers access Clint applications within the EHR system during the live interaction with the patient
  • Healthcare teams can review care gaps and guideline recommendations for consideration based on each patient’s true clinical state
  • As patients use prescribed therapies and health outcomes change, Clint tracks the impact to help healthcare systems improve care delivery, leading to increased quality scores

Drives Rx Adoption

Automatically identify eligible patients using the full EHR with clinical-grade accuracy

Enable commercial teams to positively influence the point-of-care with evidence-based recommended therapies to eligible patients

Improves Health Outcomes

Automatically identify and reduce care gaps to improve clinical outcomes and increase quality scores for healthcare systems

Proven reduction in adverse health events and re-admissions

Proves Impact

Direct window into care gaps at each health system at the healthcare provider level

Drive quality of care directly at the point of care to support quality improvement initiatives

Deliver real-world longitudinal proof of impact of any therapy using health system EHRs

Accelerates Clinical Trials

Dramatically reduces cost of clinical trial operations by automatically identifying ALL eligible patients for clinical trials with < 10% screen failure rates

Ensures clinicians are notified of clinical trials available to their patients, at the point of care, to boost enrollment

Trusted by the top 10 pharma companies globally to accelerate  trial recruitment

Clint transforms the practice of evidence-based medicine with clinical concept mapping

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