care gaps.

health outcomes.


The right

Clint delivers context that makes
medical data actionable at the point of care.

Incomplete and noisy medical information limits the potential impact for patients from clinical research and care teams.

Clint brings clarity to the noise.

We harness clinical logic

to sift through diverse sources of medical information, map the true states of patients, and deliver actionable recommendations within our solutions.

…to improve therapeutic discovery and deliver better health outcomes


Clint For Life Sciences

Recommend evidence-based treatments directly to clinicians at the point of care to accelerate clinical therapy utilization

Commercial teams drive increased Rx adoption

  • Assess care gaps and eligible patient populations across healthcare systems and payer networks
  • Target selected healthcare systems with evidence-based therapies based on patient eligibility
  • Refine marketing and advertising programs using targeted HCP and patient populations
  • Monitor prescribing behavior and adoption patterns to prove effectiveness of sales and marketing programs

Medical Affairs teams improve clinical impact

  • Quantify unmet medical need in market by identifying care gaps
  • Use more comprehensive data and real-world evidence about the safety and efficacy of therapies to influence care guidelines

Identify highly eligible patients for clinical trials

Researchers improve the efficacy of clinical trials

  • Automatically deliver an accurate list of highly eligible patients to site investigators and healthcare teams
  • Monitor and compare projected and actual event rates
  • Identify sites with eligible patients that have scheduled upcoming appointments within the recruitment period
  • Automatically assess and create cohorts using inclusion/exclusion criteria, refine protocols to increase enrollment potential
  • Guide protocol design with predicted event rates and comorbidities
  • Real-time demographics balancing to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion goals

Physicians and other healthcare providers can approve appropriate therapy recommendations from within the EHR system

How Clint Helped

Clint For Healthcare Systems

Improve adherence to clinical guidelines

Healthcare teams improve the efficacy of care

  • Understand the complete and accurate state of each patient’s health in real time
  • Automatically identify patient-specific GDMT care gaps
  • Configure how and when clinicians and care teams receive recommendations: before or during patient visits, within the EHR system, using Clint dashboards, email or other communication channels
  • HCPs close care gaps by choosing recommended evidence-based prescriptions, tests, and clinical trials
  • Reduce risk and increase guideline adherence by informing and educating HCPs about standard care guidelines specific to each patient

Increase clinical trial efficiency

Clinical trials teams automate participant screening and accelerate enrollment

  • Automatically identify patients eligible for trials and when the care team will see them next
  • Ensure healthcare providers for eligible patients are aware of relevant clinical trials
  • Instantly create eligible participant reports to support feasibility questionnaires, strengthen budget justifications, and win new clinical trials

Automated patient chart assessments reduced the number of research coordinators required from 13 to 1

PharmaTex Research used Clint to analyze charts across the patient population and prequalify patients for clinical trials with the press of a button.

How Clint Helped

Clint delivers the clinical context needed to make the best research and medical decisions at the point of care

Using the same methods as a physician, Clint’s patented clinical-grade platform holistically analyzes all medical data across all conditions, identifies care gaps, and empowers each user to take the recommended action to optimize impact to patients.